John Everett & Cherie O'Neil

Welcome to TaxPoint, an exciting new internet-based tax course. Fully interactive and self-contained, TaxPoint complies with the AICPA's recommendations and builds essential technology skills. To learn more about the product, take the tour or see our preview of Module 10.

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Please take a moment to familarize yourself with the getting started section before using this product. You may also want to meet the authors along the way and read about Ray Sommerfeld to whom TaxPoint is dedicated.

Lead Authors:
John Everett, Virginia Commonwealth University
Cherie O'Neil, Colorado State University

Contributing Authors:
Diane Green, CPA
Stewart S. Karlinksy, San Jose State University
James R. Hamill, University of New Mexico
Thomas C. Omer, University of Illinois-Chicago
Roxanne M. Spindle, Virginia Commonwealth University
Jerrold Stern, Indiana University
Kathleen E. Sinning, Western Michigan University
Ronald R. Tidd, Michigan Technological University
D. Michael Vaughan, Colorado State University
Richard P. Weber, Michigan State University

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